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Established in 1989, Government Post Graduate College Manila, is located in a village in Almora District of Uttarakhand. Located at an altitude of about 1850 meter above sea level it is a remote hilly area and the college campus itself is situated in a hillock on the outskirts of the village. Initially started as Government Degree College, the college got the status of Post Graduate College in 2015. The village has been named after Goddess Manila. There are two temples of Goddess Manila namely Talla Manila and Malla Manila.
Manila is surrounded by many small villages and there are many schools. 
The strength of the college has been gradually increasing.  With status of Post Graduate College, the college is expected to develop as a research center. Beside academic courses at graduate, Post Graduate level and various job oriented professional courses are also running in the College. The students of college are rising flags in NSS, sports and other fields

Manila, Almora:
Manila (means 'enchanting') is a tiny village in Almora District that, apart from a breathtaking view of the Indian Himalayas. One can also reach the wilderness of this place after walking 13 km from Bhikiyasain. Manila is the seat of Manila Devi, the family Goddess of Katyuri clan. Manila is famous for Talla and Malla Manila Maa mandir.

Vision of the College 
A national recognized centre of higher education, research, extension and training and consultancy in diversified areas making it a knowledge hub popularly known for its reputation in quality that realize the people to know and utilize their full potential and deep sense of professional ethics in national development.  
Mission of the college 
Development of the manpower by creation and dissemination of knowledge and skill in conventional and frontier areas through state of art teaching and learning, research, extension and consultancy with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics committed to excellence , promotion of art, science and culture in order to make Uttarakhand knowledge state contributing significantly in national development. 

  • Integration of pedagogy as part of teaching
  • Efforts to increase in teaching days
  • Growth of major/minor research projects
  • Maximum efforts to get financial assistant from various agencies
  • Computer literacy to the students and use of technology in office management.