Seminar & Achievements

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Seminars & Conferences

1.    Organized one-day seminar entitled “Women Empowerment and Self-defense” on 28th of December, 2019.
2.    Organized one-day seminar entitled “Drug Abuse and Its Prevention” on 15th of December, 2019.
3.    Organized one-day seminar entitled “उच्च शिक्षा में गुणवत्ता उन्नयन एवं नवाचार " on 13th of November, 2019.

4.    Organized one-day webinar entitled "Biodiversity and Its Conservation" on 5th of June-2020.

5.    Organized one-day national webinar entitled "Climate Change and Green Technological Approaches for Adaptation" on 31st of July, 2021.  



1.    Hosted “First Business Uttarayani 2019 Meet of Entrepreneurs” in Manila on 25th of December, 2019.
2.    Adoption of a village named ‘Bisht Bakhli’ for its development in the fields of literacy, migration problems and environmental cleanliness. The goal comprises         proposed activities like conducting awareness programmes, teaching water saving methods, promote traditional business, self-employment and hill agriculture, etc.

3. Establishment of 4G Jio connectivity and Wi-Fi Campus in November-2020.

4. Library with automated books is available for the students.